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...a connection to the artist and the land

Do you know where your food comes from?  

If you do not know the answer to this important question and you care about the food you eat and small American farms, it is time you start asking questions....

Locally grown, grass fed, free-range and sustainable agriculture? 

Thank-you for taking the time to educate yourself about this important subject.
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Khnemu Studio is located on Fernwood Farm, the home of Rob and Dawn Soltysiak.  Enjoy the beauty of the farm with chickens and ducks roaming free and pumpkins growing.  Dawn draws a lot of her creative energy from the natural beauty around her, which is reflected in the organic influences in her  work.

Situated on over 30 pastoral acres, Fernwood Farm is located between Saugatuck and South Haven, MI near the Lake Michigan shore. This 1890's estate was originally part of the Wade Family Orchards and is a local gem.  The estate still offers the original farm house and post-and-beam barn and a period 40' Aer-motor  windmill.

Free-range farm fresh eggs are for sale at the studio and other home-grown farm goods are available in season.  Fernwood Farm is dedicated to educating the public about preserving American Small Farms.
Striving to broaden the appreciation of handmade and homegrown, by offering a connection to
artist and the land...

Khnemu Studio on Fernwood Farm's energy is supplied by Solar Power. 

Yes...the system provides enough power to fire the electric kilns and equipment for a pottery studio.    Solar energy is free, abundant and viable, even in Michigan!.

  • The system is a 17.94 kWh solar array.  It contains 78 - 230 watt panels.
  • It will produce on average 68 kw per day, which is just under 25,000 kw in an entire year.
  • An average American household consumes 10,000 kw in a year.

In 2012 Dawn wrote and was awarded a USDA Rural Energy for America Grant (REAP). This grant for rural small businesses and farms provides up to 25% of the cost of renewable energy.

The entire system cost turnkey was $53,000. The payback on the system was 6 years, with the grant funding.  Installation was completed Dec. 2012

The system was engineered and provided by  http://www.eventhorizonsolar.com (John Wagner) and installed by http://www.hoekstraelectric.net (Nate Patmos). Please let them know how you found out about their services. I have been pleased with their services.

Fernwood Farm