Participating in various ceramic art competitions throughout her life, Dawn has won several first place ribbons.  Her work is already in private collections all over the world and she was featured on TV for her pottery.  Dawn's work can be seen at Khnemu Studio LLC, various art galleries and art fairs.  

Feature article in Encore Magazine

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Podcast Interview Tales of the Red Clay Rambler

Dawn now has 3 locations offering a connection to the artist and the land.   Khnemu Studio on Fernwood Farm, Fernwood 1891 and Root Cafe, Coffeehouse and Spirits.

Dawn appreciates the people in her life who have loved, taught and supported her on the journey.  Special thanks go to her loving and supportive husband.  Dawn dedicates her studio to the memory of her father and all he taught her.  

"Life is a journey, not a destination." 

Dawn's Journey Is An Ever Changing And Growing Body Of Work...Artist Dawn Soltysiak owns and operates Khnemu Studio LLC and enjoys a live/work lifestyle.  Her working artist's studio and unique contemporary  fine art and craft gallery is located on a picturesque farm estate which she calls home.

Dawn worked summers on her grand-parents farm and has been involved with ceramics since the age of 2, when her mother opened a hobby ceramics studio. These life experiences were the foundation she used to create the unique lifestyle she lives today.

Dawn Soltysiak
Artist Statement

Preservation, nature, and knowledge are key to my life's journey.  I enjoy exploring the interplay of organic forms, unique firing techniques, and natural processes . My work is the result of these explorations. I enjoy diversity of styles from non-functional objects of beauty, and functional work which my customers can use and enjoy on a daily basis.

My studio is located on the 30 acre sustainable Fernwood Farm, which I call home.  We raise a lot of our own food, including grass fed beef and pastured poultry.  The studio and kilns are green energy, being fueled by a 17.94 kWh solar array.  I strive to live a lifestyle that is in harmony with nature and hope to create a connection to the artist and the land.

What is Khnemu and how do you pronounce it? (Kh-ne-mu, and yes you say the K)
In Egyptian mythology Khnemu was the god of creation, arts and craft, and fertility.  It was believed by the ancients that Khnemu fashioned man and the later gods on his potter's wheel.  "Khnemu" literally means molder or sculptor.  He is represented in hieroglyphics as the ram-headed god.  Khnemu Studio is a place of creation, where one-of-a-kind vessels are molded and sculpted on the potter's wheel. 

Resident Artist, Dawn Soltysiak - Khnemu Studio on Fernwood Farm

6322  113th Ave
Fennville, MI

​Phone: (269)686-6343 

...a connection to the artist and the land