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Classes  at Khnemu Clay Studio
All classes and workshops are taught with hands-on methodology in a professionally equipped studio using the punch-card system.  All class sizes are limited with a small student to teacher ratio, and are on a first come-first serve basis. Class participants are provided with studio cone 6 glazes for firing.  Advanced alternative firing techniques are provided through special workshops only.

Introduction To Clay-Hand building
Learn the basic techniques used in hand-building including pinch, coil, soft and hard slab construction.  Learn to use hand tools, slab roller, press molds and extruder. (Offered as a punch card class)
*** 7 week /3 hours per class  $150.00 
Beginning Wheel Throwing
Learn the basics of pottery making on the wheel, from centering clay to making cylinders and bowls.  Learn to develop a strong foundation for wheel throwing.  (Offered as a punch card class)
*** 7 week /3 hours per class   $150.00

All Inclusive Pottery Class
For the person who has no prior experience with clay.  Start from beginning
learning basic hand-building techniques and continue on to learning basic wheel throwing. (Offered as a punch card class)
*** 15 week /3 hours per class   $300.00  ($20 per class)
Studio has right to limit material consump., and firings within reason, if necessary

Facilities Include:
5 pottery wheels 
Bailey slab roller & extruder w/dies
3 Large electric kilns - 
100 cu ft. Soda reduction fired downdraft car kiln - fired at cone 6

Wood Kiln c
Laguna spray booth
Raku Kiln
Peter Pugger
Glaze testing and making equipment- 2,500 test tile library room 
Selection of tools - including press molds, tile cutters & Giffin Grips
Pre-mixed Cone 6 stoneware studio glazes, including a clear base which can be colored with various stains and oxides.

Khnemu  Studio Membership- UNLIMITED ACCESS to studio upon acceptance of application.
  We will be limiting the number of members to keep studio operations manageable and equipment access easy.  This opportunity gives the person with clay experience to work in a great studio space within their own time frame and skill level.  This is not for people who are new to clay.

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Punch-card Pottery Classes
7 classes / $150 / 25 lbs.

15 classes / $300 / 50 lbs.

Khnemu Studio offers classes year around and students can start at any time.  Each class credit is a 3 hour class and students may use their class credits:

Thursday 10am-1pm
Saturday 11-2pm 

Classes includes:
Clay (additional clay may be purchased)
Studio glazes (cone 6 stoneware)
Equipment and firings are provided 

Please dress to play in clay and bring a clean shop towel.  For adults only. 
Class credits may be used at students convenience, during the above referenced times. 

However, due to the nature of the process and studio space constraints, a student who does not use a class credit for a period three weeks their credits will be discontinued and their work discarded. Contact studio for more details

If you are interested in the special events and workshops offered at Khnemu Studio visit the page.

Khnemu Studio is an intimate small scale ceramics arts facility.  The studio's mission to broaden the general public's appreciation and understanding of hand-made ceramic art and studio artists.  This is to be accomplished through classes, events, workshops, membership and residency programs.  The studio believes that it goals can be furthered by creating a mutual helping environment, and that is basis of it's programs.

Pottery Classes  And Pottery Studio Membership