Diana Wittliff

During my full time working days, I was an accountant, but I've always been interested in the arts. So, when I retired 14 years ago, I took a ceramic class at the local Institute of Arts and started my second career.

In the following years I have been involved with numerous galleries, art fairs and internet sites. I create Raku pottery, Horse Hair pottery and both functional and decorative stoneware.

FUNCTIONAL POTTERY is not only useful, but is also used as decorative accents. I'm drawn to the bright colors and endless possibilities of the decorated surface. They are individually airbrushed with underglazes, making each piece unique. After bisque firing, they are brushed with a bright clear glaze and fired again. Each piece is ready to hang on your wall, and they are food safe.

RAKU POTTERY is beautifully unpredictable. These pieces are fired to 1850 degrees & quickly removed from the kiln and transferred to a container filled with combustibles. The hot pottery immediately ignites these materials and starts the chemical reaction that results in these one-of-a-kind pieces.

HORSEHAIR POTTERY is produced with a variation of the raku technique. All the pottery is thrown on the wheel, and when dry, they receive multiple coats of terra sigillata (a very fine suspension of clay particles in water) and are buffed to a high gloss. This creates a smooth satin finish. Each piece is then fired to 1200 degrees & when removed the hair is placed on the surface. This produces the black lines you see on the finished pot.

The Raku and Horse Hair pieces are not suitable for storage of food or liquids. Their beauty is their function!

 "Jean Goldsmith" award for ceramics at the Sagatuck Waterfront Invitational in 2011

"Formed/Fired-Invitational Ceramics exhibit in South Haven this summer from June 21 through Aug. 4.

Diana Wittliff, Khnemu Gallery Artist

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