Daniel Sommerfeld has always enjoyed artistic pursuits from childhood on through the years. After high school, he decided to enroll in the Mechanical Engineering program at General Motors Institute, but he became frustrated by the lack of creativity within this program. While pursuing an Industrial Design degree at Western Michigan University, he discovered a passion for working in clay.

After pulling a tendon in his arm, Dan focused his attention on handbuilding never looking back. Currently, he concentrates on extruded and slipcast pieces designed with an architectural feel. Endless possibilities exist within a freshly extruded section; depending on how it is trimmed and 
assembled defines it as a unique, individual work of art.

Dan concentrates on salt-firing with the addition of a yearlyanagama firing. He is fascinated with these firings as unexpected results often occur. He uses slips and engobes as decorative elements in

combination with a palette of glazes. He experiments with many different glazes to find the appropriate ones for both firing methods.

Dan is becoming highly regarded as a clay artist specializing in profound handbuilt forms. He is located in Kalamazoo, Michigan.

Awards and Honors

2008 Muskegon Museum of Art 80th Regional Exhibition:
WMPG Eleanor Smith Memorial Award for Ceramics Susan Meston Purchase Award

Dan Sommerfeld, Khnemu Gallery Artist

6322  113th Ave
Fennville, MI

​Phone: (269)686-6343 

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