Chris Trabka - Potter
I was introduced to clay while in high school, yet, somehow only pursued it casually during college. The path was not a normal progression. Only after settling down with a family, house and “career” did clay become a significant part of my life. With little formal instruction, my education has been an “independent study”. Clay’s appeal to me is its problematical nature; simple and complex. Each step along the path to a finished form (forming, assembling, trimming, firing, and glazing) is simple. The complex nature of clay comes from the multitude of decisions made at each step and how those decisions affect the other possible steps (decisions made about the last step, firing, significantly affect the first steps).

When trying to master clay, I believe, you must have control of and control as many steps in the process that you have time and energy for. The clay I use is purchased; a custom mix. The glazes have become my own after years of subtle changes. I built my own kiln.

I enjoy working on two different types of pieces, those that are held (bowls, mugs, serving dishes, and baking dishes) as well as those not held (wall platters, floor vases). With both types of forms, I look for a balance between line and form, color and texture, hue and tone. After each glaze firing, the kiln lets me know where I achieved an important new result and where the final form just doesn’t work.

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Chris Trabka, Khnemu Gallery Artist

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