...a connection to the artist and the land

6322  113th Ave
Fennville, MI

​Phone: (269)686-6343 

Khnemu Studio LLC on Fernwood Farm
 Artist Intern/Residency Application

 6322 113th Ave
 Fennville, MI
 Phone: (269)236-9260 
 Email: Dawn@KhnemuStudio.com

 About us…
Khnemu Studio is located on the 30 acre sustainable Fernwood Farm, just 15 minutes from Lake Michigan. Built in 1891 the farm has been lovingly restored by owners Dawn and Rob Soltysiak. The farm currently is home to resident artist, Dawn Soltysiak. The studio and kilns are run on green energy, being fueled by a 17.94 kWh solar array. The studio supports two fine craft galleries, one housed on the farm and the second, Fernwood 1891, located in downtown Fennville. We strive to live a lifestyle that is in harmony with nature and hope to create a connection between the artist and the land. We raise grass fed beef and pastured poultry in addition to beekeeping. Of course no farm would be complete without a horse, llama and a few peacocks! 

What is Khnemu and how do you pronounce it? 
 (Kh-ne-mu, and yes you say the K) In Egyptian mythology Khnemu was the god of creation, arts and craft, and fertility. It was believed by the ancients that Khnemu fashioned man and the later gods on his potter's wheel. "Khnemu" literally means molder or sculptor. He is represented in hieroglyphics as the ram-headed god. Khnemu Studio is a place of creation, where one-of-a-kind vessels are molded and sculpted on the potter's wheel.

 The Studio…
Khnemu Studio is fully equipped facility. We utilize a number of firing methods including electric, gas, raku, pit, smoke and soon soda! The studio is a production facility for custom orders and also creates one-of-a-kind art pottery. It is also a center for continuing education for ceramic artist of all levels. Classes are held twice weekly, as well as two annual visiting artist weekend workshops (including Steven Hill, John Britt, Tony Winchester, Chandra Debuse, Justin Rothshank to name a few). In addition we hold several public events throughout the year. In 2016 we are hosted the International Paper Clay Master Class and Symposium presented by Jerry Bennett, Rebecca Hutchinson and Graham Hay.

 The Residency…
Our residency program is designed to give ceramic artists of any level, real world studio experience in exchange for the assistance required to sustain our ever growing studio. We will be offering up to three 8 week residencies starting in April and running through October. Resident artist will be expected to work 25 hours per week in exchange for studio time and access to the making techniques we offer. Residents will gain valuable experience seeing every facet of how a studio runs, including gallery curating.

 Resident Artists Responsibilities & Compensation

 25 hours of work will be required weekly, 9am to 1pm, Monday -Friday. Duties include but are not limited to cleaning studio and gallery, reclaiming clay, prepping for public events, assisting with wholesale orders and working at the gallery. 
 In exchange 20 hours of studio time per week will be available. A total of 100lbs of clay and 2 kiln loads will be provided. Some clay tools will be provided however it is suggested that you bring any specialty tools you require. Additional materials can be purchased at artist’s expense. 
 Residents will receive free housing in our super cool vintage RV complete with disco ball! All utilities will be paid except phone and internet. A $500 stipend will be paid at the end of your residency pending inspection of your accommodation and on the condition that it is kept in good order. 

To apply please email your resume, artist statement, three images of your work, and three references to: 
 Please be sure to include a paragraph about yourself and your expectations from the residency. We keep it pretty real here so cut the fluff, we just want to know who you are and what you are about. 

 Residency Dates Include: 
 April 15 - July 5th   Dates Available
 July 6-25th, Jackie Alexander, Greenpoint Brooklyn
 August 16 – October 15  David Hollingsworth, New York City

 Please feel free to visit our website Khnemustudio.com or contact us for more information.